Welcome to Top Notch Info

Top Notch Info was founded by a group of highly qualified professionals with an aim of imparting quality IT education to students alongside practical skills. Our courses, covering wide range of software technologies, are specially designed to empower students by strengthening their employability skills.

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals conversant with industry standards and expectations help us offer courses that are a judicious mix of academic and industrial inputs. We have developed an rigourous teaching methodology that involves experiential learning, active collaboration and participation of students enabling them to fully grasp the essentials and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the course.

We use the latest teaching methods like audio-visual aids among others to help students appreciate the subject matter better. Also, we deliver well-researched study material that lucidly explain the subject while also enticing the students to broaden their grasp by exercises prepared exclusively for this purpose.

Our faculty are always at students' disposal to clear their doubts and encourage them to practice what they've learnt at our labs. Our labs are fully-equipped with latest technologies and softwares and remain accessible to students enabling them to track their progress in terms of understanding classroom concepts.

Technologies have shorter lifespan, the older one quickly yields to the latest; in this commotion one has to be fast enough to catch the trend and adopt to it faster than others. TopNotch, being guided by experienced professionals who are well aware of these market changes for long years, has organized its educational framework such that it quickly adapts to changing market priorities and develops dynamic courses that help students to keep in touch with emerging technologies while staying grounded to sound essentials.

In short, you can expect from us personalized training, dynamic and market-oriented courses, practical exposure to industry needs, constant access to well-equipped labs and above all confidence in your IT capabilities.

  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Customised Training

Online Training

To cater to the needs of those incapable of attending classroom coaching due to various reasons, TopNotch has online training programs designed exclusively for them. In order to help such students to learn at their convenience, we have come up with this unique program.

Classroom Training

To those eager to learn a course in fast-track environment and attain proficiency, we have classroom training devoted to this purpose. To aid quick-and-deep learning, we have included practical demonstration of the entire software development lifecycle in the courses.

Corporate Training

Often, service-based companies are compelled to help employees in expanding their skillset to enhance their productivity , to meet client requirements or to improve overall business competency. Also tight timelines and limited resources constrain the company's ability to cope up with the situation promptly.

Customised Training

Are you interested in learning a special software that has narrow but important market use? Are you keen to learn concepts cutting across technologies that are not yet available for mass-consumption? .Do not worry, if you cannot find suitable learning opportunities, for TopNotch with its diverse expertise and expert faculty is uniquely positioned to assist you.